Well, that was a year. Wasn't it?

The good, the bad, and everything in between happened for all of us, I'm sure. Life has a way of keeping us on our toes. Each year that passes reminds me exactly why it's so important to hold on to those soul-filling, warm and cozy moments. This is why I do what I do for people: Help lock down those positive pieces and save them for the rainy days of life, when you need a reminder that the full spectrum of life does, indeed, exist.

Because it's not always this way. I know that. You know that.

salt spring island photographer 2022 photo sessions for families, business marketing, real estate photography, maternity

It's all about perspective.

It's not that pictures fake a reality of positivity and awesomeness. No, that's not the point.

It's that they remind us that there is beauty and possibility in life's moments, even when they seem wild and uncompromising. It's that they offer us those (sometimes very needed) moments to remember to keep riding those waves of life, and that even in our darkest moments the light is out there somewhere waiting to shine.

If we can hold on and keep hope, there will be more moments to cherish.

2022 Client Photo Session Recap

I had originally planned to add some full photos of some of my sessions this year here, but after going through all my sessions for the year and creating some collages from some of them, I have to admit that I am exhausted. Instead, I will simply be including these six recap collages from some of the many photo sessions I am thankful to have captured for clients in 2022.

Salt Spring Island Love

During 2022 I was incredibly fortunate to provide a plethora of people and commercial projects with beautiful imagery. Weddings, families, engagements, elopements, artists, artisans, and businesses were all wonderful to capture, as were the portraits, maternity sessions, real estate listings, gardens, anniversaries, and boudoir photography. Variety is my spice of life, and being a photographer on Salt Spring Island gives me many opportunities to hone my skills in not one, but many different kinds of photography.

salt spring island photography for family, business, weddings, mothers, children, pets, and real estate

Meeting People

One of my absolute favourite things about working as a photographer is that I get to meet many different people, from many different walks of life, doing what I do. I've described this experience in one of my Instagram stories as feeling like I'm taking mini workshops in other people's lives. Gaining perspective. Building connections.

I've learned so much from others this year, through taking their pictures, about different parts of the world, various art forms and careers, business undertakings, and so many different ways of being a human in this world. It is truly fascinating to me.

pumpkin patch mini session photography for families on Salt Spring Island, BC

Pumpkin Patch

One of the highlights for me as a photographer on Salt Spring Island this year was offering Pumpkin Patch Mini Sessions at Byron Farms. October was an exceptionally warm and sunny month here in the Southern Gulf Islands, and the photography opportunities were plentiful. Being able to capture these memories for families in such a lovely setting, with such wonderful people I got to meet on the farm, truly elated me. Doug is clearly a master at growing giant pumpkins just perfect for propping up happy pumpkin patch pickers, and his and his family's wonderful way of being was a pleasure to be around. I look forward to offering this again in the fall.

salt spring island British Columbia photographer's 2022 recap collage of portrait wedding midwife food product photos

Thank you for your support!

I honestly could not do this without the amazing support I have received from the other locals on Salt Spring and Vancouver Island that have enlisted me to capture their memories this year. I also would not be nearly as successful as I have been without the unending support of those of you who share me with your family and friends, and recommend me as a photographer when someone is looking for one. The likes, comments, shares and messages I receive on my Instagram and Facebook pages for Hannah Spray Photography are a huge part of why I am seen. Without that support from you dear souls, how would anyone know I even offer and am capable of doing what I do? They wouldn't.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you do to lift me up and help me learn and grow every day. I am so very thankful for each one of you!

If you're looking to hire a photographer on Salt Spring Island, Vancouver Island, or anywhere else in the world, have a look at my portfolio and contact me with your inquiries. You can also create a booking request for a specific time and date according to my availability calendar through my booking site (new!).

Here's to an even more wonderful 2023!