Do you love horses?

As a child I was completely enamored with horses. I would beg to have a horse of my own to live out my horse-girl dreams, and offer to keep him in my room. I'd make space.

Needless to say, a horse was not in the budget for our family, and that dream faded away to become other ambitions for myself.

Young blonde woman in a white sundress sits on top of a brown horse at The Meadows on Salt Spring Island, BC

But I never stopped being in awe of these majestic beasts.

Do I want to take your picture?! Of course!

When I received an email requesting my photography services to help capture some portraits of a local woman and her horses, I eagerly accepted. What a dreamy shoot idea!

Have a look at some of my favourite images from this session.

And for anyone interested in what's going on in the equestrian scene on Salt Spring Island, this was at a private stable, but there's a handy Facebook group here that you might be able to find some information through if you're a resident or visitor of the island and want to get in touch with local horse-loving people and programs.

Horse portrait photography and horseback riding at The Meadows on salt spring island, BC
Salt spring island horse photography outdoors at The Meadows with young woman rider in white dress

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