Halloween-themed photoshoots are so much fun!!

pumpkin head jack-o-lantern couple pose on a lake dock on a cloudy, moody day

The fall season in itself makes for some epic photography opportunities here on Salt Spring Island and the Canadian.... well... everywhere, perhaps? But there's something about the out-of-character swap of perceiving things, the mystery and magic in transformation of autumn that brings out the creativity in me.

Do you know what I mean? Does that happen to you, too?

Salt Spring Island pumpkin people with jack-o-lantern heads in the spooky forest

Pumpkin-headed ideas.

I am fortunate to know a truly beautiful human being who happens to be a model and artist, who has worked with me before and always has creative ideas to bring up. When Lael planted the seed of this session in my head, I was excited to have a chance to explore those creative fall feels.

pumpkin people with jack-o-lantern heads pose on a lake dock on Salt Spring Island, BC for photos
headless horseman and headless horsewoman on a dock on Salt Spring Island, BC

Trickier Treat

When I sat down to cull the full batch of photos into a more manageable amount of best images, it felt remarkably easy (in comparison to normal) to do. You see, jack-o-lantern heads don't have a lot of blinking and expression changes or movement going on, so there wasn't the usual zooming in and back-and-forth to make choices about which snaps from each different set were the most story-telling and/or "photogenic".

Fun creative halloween photoshoot with Hannah Spray Photography on Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Island carved pumpkin heads on a couple dressed in black outdoors.

However, when it came time to edit these, I found it really difficult to land in terms of what adjustments to make, and how far to take them. A typical couple's photography session for me would be strolling a beautiful beach, soaking up a golden sunset, where the couple is wearing new rings or loving smiles to show off, not carved jack-o-lanterns as heads. I also typically like to pull on the colours and vibrant beauty of the environment. But with these, the regular warmth and whimsy to my photos needed adjusting to the point of where I felt that it honoured the moodier feel intended to capture in this session, while still not straying too far off from my own style.

Have a look at the gallery of images from this creative photography session.

creepy pumpkin carved into a jack-o-lantern and lit up at night on the forest floor
creepy pumpkin head couple on salt spring island, bc
call me maybe salt spring island pumpkin head people photoshoot
kissing jack-o-lantern people on a dock
fall fun salt spring island jack-o-lantern photography
pumpkin carving salt spring island

How do you think I did?

I'd love to hear your feedback and constructive criticism of my work. I'm always looking to improve, and to try new ways of creating the art that I do. Feel free to connect with me on any questions, comments, or photography requests you may have. I love to hear your creative ideas!

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